View from stage into theatre seating

Opportunities at PowerArts

PowerArts is always on the lookout for opportunities to support up and coming arts professionals in Australia.

Our aim is to provide support at any stage of a project’s development, from education, works-in-progress and initial exposure, right through to investment, sponsorship and co-production of full scale, tried and tested, first class professional productions.

PowerArts has evolved from the realisation that there are a comparatively small amount of funds invested in the arts, as opposed to the abundance of support in this country for other areas of education and development, most notably for sport. Our organisation is not a philanthropic one, and our goal is to invest intelligently so that we can remain sustainable but also have a positive influence on the quality and profile of the performing arts in Australia.  Our interests are creative as well as supportive, and we pride ourselves on the amount of emotional connection and detailed involvement we invest in each of our projects.

If you have a project in mind, that you feel would benefit PowerArts in our specific goals, we would love to hear from you.

We welcome written submissions, and can be contacted via the Contact page.